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    September 17, 2019 0Handling

    The pressure exerted on to ground handling companies is ever-increasing in today’s busy airport environment, so the question remains of how we can enhance their efficiency, whilst keeping operations safe and within budget.

    Our mantra for success is simple- we believe in having a presence locally. This means that we have locally registered offices in every country that we do business with. This shows the national civil aviation authority in each country that we are serious about the success of their aviation industry and also lends credibility to our operations. African nations are also fully aware of the positive impact that we have had across the continent and feel encouraged to work with us for the benefit of their aviation industries. We intend to leverage our success and our reputation as quality partners to expand our operations across the hundreds of airports in Africa and transform the continent into one of the leading continents in the world in terms of efficiency and ease of travel. We will do so by providing support in the training of aviation staff, providing the best equipment and technology available and importantly ensuring that all partner countries are operating in full accordance with international aviation standards.

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